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A look at the cryptocurrency mixing process

The place of the crypto market in the world economy is rapidly strengthening. In terms of capitalization, it is close to the total value of the Apple corporation. But is it possible to make bitcoin anonymous for 100 percent? Let’s find out!

Short overview of Bitcoin’s goal

Currently, a number of factors contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency market, including the lack of personalization of the parties to the agreement, information security, free international circulation, and a decentralized payment system. Today, more than 60 countries now intend to fully legalize the circulation of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, like any other cryptocurrency that works according to the principles set out by Satoshi Nakamoto, involves compensation for miners, who themselves pay for electricity and computing power. This compensation is not charity; it ensures the competitiveness of mining and, therefore, the security and redundancy of power necessary to maintain the blockchain.

The main goal of the Bitcoin protocol is the security of all transactions. This prevents double spending of the same coin and makes it incredibly difficult to reverse a transaction due to the energy expenditure of verifying these transactions.

How to make it difficult to identify your transaction?

The easiest way out for BTC owners who want to make transactions completely confidential (hide who sends what to whom) is to use Bitcoin mixers. These are services that “mix” coins in pools before sending them to recipients. This process makes it very difficult to identify the sender, transaction amount, and recipient.

Сrypto mixers are not prohibited; they can be used without restrictions. If you are in a country where it is prohibited to store and conduct transactions with crypto, remember that, in this case, the use of mixers is mandatory. If you don’t use a bitcoin mixer, there is a real, albeit small, risk of exposing your wallet to people who will ultimately be able to link transactions to your personal data.

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